A few weeks ago, I was announced as the first Arnold Classic Europe Champion. I can’t tell you how humbling it felt to achieve this victory and how honored I am to represent the Arnold Classic brand with this win. Every time I achieve a new goal, I like to look back at what I did and who was in my corner supporting me throughout my journey. I am fortunate that my journey as a Pro is filled with many great people who play a pivotal role in my success.


The first company I would like to honor is Construction Zone.

Pete and Apple Grubbs have been my nutrition team for the past 10 years. Right away, we built a bond and level of communication that has allowed us to work closely together in my competition goals and our respective businesses. As a professional, I have learned plenty about nutrition and competition diets and tried most of them. My relationship with Construction Zone is special. It can take years for someone to truly know WHO you are, the good and the bad and all the funny stuff in between. I know, from experience, that most competitors do not stay with the same nutritionist or trainer for more than a few years before moving on to try new things. I know that everyone is not always blessed to find the right connection.

Every year, every season, every show Pete and Apple have been there for me in each prep. They are always honest, always believing in me and always challenging me to my utmost potential. I enjoy going in to see Pete and having that accountability in my progress. I also appreciate that when I’m struggling, I can be honest about how I’m feeling or my shortcomings. I am a natural athlete and one who performs at high levels of intensity. I am fortunate that Pete understands my needs as a Fitness athlete and Apple has often been the one to film me running my routine in my final days before a show!

Winning my first Arnold Classic Europe made me smile and I felt great pride in representing not only myself and God, but my close friends and nutrition team, Construction Zone. To Pete and Apple, you know how much I love you and how much you are family to me. Thank you dearly for your service and friendship to me.