Living a life of Purpose gives strength and oxygen to the soul. It allows you to breathe! Be encouraged my friends, we possess great value and purpose. Living life as an ambassador of the Lord gives me great purpose in all that I do. I want everyone to experience God’s boundless love and know what true feelings of peace and security feel like.  Imagine all your problems and the things that sadden your heart.  There is so much that we cannot control.  Do not be discouraged. 

God has called us “out of the darkness and into his wonderful light” (1 Peter 2:9-11) as witnesses to the watching world.  We are always being held accountable everyday for what we say, what we do, how we run our businesses, how we treat people and even how we nurture our children (not that I would know J…yet).  It is a wonderful responsibility and ambition to achieve to be more like Jesus so that others can come to know the Lord THROUGH us.  That is PURPOSE!  We need to the Holy Spirit in us to help us fulfill this purpose, and God graciously gives us this gift. It is always with us, never to be taken away. 

This is how I actually got saved.  I lived a life that was not complete.  I wasn’t sure what the heck I was missing….I practically had it all at the time.  An appointment to the Air Force Academy, great friends, a big family, no debt, awesome boyfriend, and a healthy body.  But I couldn’t believe how easy it was to fall apart when things went wrong….when my boyfriend and I broke up, when I got on academic probation during my freshmen year, when I had difficulty managing my time at school to get it all done, when I felt like my ethnic identity was being attacked by those close to me…..

During this time, I loved my roommate and was inspired by her spirit and her life.  Her life wasn’t perfect, but she had this special peace about her.  I would later learn that it was her FAITH that kept her strong, in peace and full of joy.  I wanted this so badly and tried to JUMP on board.  That was 1996.  It’s taken me almost a decade to realize that I needed to have a relationship with Christ and that this relationship had to GROW if I wanted to feel the Holy Spirit live in me.  It is the same desire that we all have for a man or woman, but better J.  It has been AMAZING, my friends.  I can be broke, motivated to work harder and feel PEACE.  I am can heart-broken, feel sad yet feel peace.  I am be angry, practice self control and settle into peace.  God is soooo Good!

We must pray for God to help us surrender more of ourselves to Him and ask for more of his light so that more people will be drawn to us.

Non believers will be inclined to think that WE think we’re better.  We are not better at all.  We are all equally undeserving of the sacrifices that have been made for us. We do not want to judge, only love.  It is our prayer to be embraced by all and have our love poured onto everyone.  This will not always happen, but we shall always try…….Remember, we are stepping out of the darkness….

Your sister in Christ,