Tanji Enterprises was established in 2009 to manage the various businesses that Tanji has created. Tanji has been a thriving entrepreneur in the Fitness industry for the last decade. She has used her passion for fitness to help others achieve their goals and employed her creativity in developing products, programs and events that support and give back to the Fitness community.  Tanji enjoys creating win-win siutations for everyone!

Save Fitness

Save Fitness began as a campaign committed to saving the sport of Fitness in the NPC and IFBB. This has been a work in progress through IFBB Fitness Pro Tanji Johnson’s Team of Fitness, Figure and Bikini amateurs. Tanji is currently ranked 2nd in the world for IFBB Fitness and is focused on earning the Fitness Olympia title. Tanji has been training and coaching for 10 years and now serves as an NPC judge and promoter. With the leadership of Tanji and her amazing staff, Save Fitness has evolved into a sisterhood of women who follow their passion by maximizing their potential and pursuing excellence in character, spirit and athletic endeavors.

Save Fitness has moved into its 6th season and is constantly growing. It is now a team comprising of Fitness, Figure and Bikini competitors. Save Fitness is looking to plant teams across the nation to help fulfill our mission of empowerment.

If you are a competitor or a person who desires to compete, we offer two things equally:

• Contest Prep and Resources
• Sisterhood

Our program is designed to support new competitors as well as veteran and national level competitors. We meet for posing practice and various seminars three times a month in Renton, WA where our clients work with our staff of IFBB Pro coaches and affiliates. We are building satellite programs in Oregon, Alaska and Eastern WA where coaches are available to have satellite classes for our extended members. Online members can still benefit from online coaching and training and stay plugged into the Save Fitness network. Save Fitness is the one stop shop for contest prep resources ranging from a great network of coaches, trainers and nutritionists, monthly classes and sponsor discounts exclusive to Save Fitness members in suits, shoes, supplements and services. If you’re looking for a positive family to be in community with, you’ve found your blessing in Save Fitness!

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Vancouver Natural Bodybuilding and Tanji Johnson Fitness, Figure & Bikini Classic

Tanji Johnson has been serving as Co-promoter to Promoter Frank Bohm for over 4 years for the Vancouver Natural Bodybuilding and Tanji Johnson Fitness, Figure & Bikini Classic. The event is held at the beautiful Skyview High bringing the over-capacity crowd to near riotous proportions in the past 2 years. In 2010 the show DOUBLED in competitors from the previous year. That’s right two times the competitors, double the fun and twice the excitement with 235 competitors (no cross overs except in Fitness and Figure). The show has become the largest natural NPC contest in the country!

Frank Bohm and Tanji Johnson compile the best judging panels in the country beginning with head judge Sandy Williamson. Another group of unsung heroes are the backstage crew lead by the irrepressible Bo Keepers. Rounding up the production talent was Sean Pitman and his team from the Skyview High and Tanji’s staff of IFBB Pro women who lead and expedite the female competitors. Tanji always leads a FREE posing rehearsal for all Fitness, Figure and Bikini competitors the night before the show. The women always feel extremely prepared and at ease knowing what to expect.

Tanji’s Save Fitness campaign has made the Tanji Johnson Fitness Classic one of  the largest in the country with 8-10 Fitness competitors and a handful of Junior Fitness competitors in the line up. 2011 is projecting 20 and more Fitness competitors in the line up. This is the show for Fitness if you want a healthy line up of competition prior to hitting a national stage.

2010 was the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Vancouver USA Championships. After a quarter century the show has finally hit its stride as the premier natural show in the country.

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Competitive Edge Series

Tanji has become a LEADER in HOW TO when it comes to all aspects of contest preparation for Fitness, Figure and Bikini competitors. Tanji has been competing since 1997 and has been an IFBB Pro since 2001. With ten years of Fitness and Figure coaching experience, Tanji has learned the ins and outs of what works and how to best bring an athlete to their potential.  Tanji travels the country putting on camps and workshops educating competitors, especially in the areas of Posing and Fitness competition prep. This DVD/CD series consists of high quality, feature length instructional videos that will walk you step by step through various areas of your prep. They are the perfect tool for the competitor who does not have a contest prep coach in their area because they are designed to allow the viewer to “follow along” with the intruction.  You will feel like Tanji is in the room with you.  And these DVDs serve to compliment those who do have coaches as it is a tangible tool that can be used over and over again in addition to private one on one coaching sessions.

  • Art of Posing - Tanji’s second edition now includes posing  instruction on the new Bikini division as well as live footage from the Tanji Johnson Classic. Tanji uses her expertise as a judge, promoter and competitor to give the ultimate perspective on posing in all divisions.
  • Save Fitness – This unique DVD was created to provide direction and instruction to aspirting Fitness competitors who are looking for guidance in how to train specifically for Fitness. It covers training on the mandatory movements as well as how to develop strength, flexibility and stamina.
  • Muscle Confusion- This is a fun training DVD that showcases 104 exercises organized in the START MENU under the categories of Muscular Endurance, Strength & Balance and Fast Twitch & Mobility.  Tanji will show you how you can change up your current program to maintain peak levels of performance and physique.
  • Marketing Yourself in the Fitness Industry – This is a 4 hour CD packed with great information that Tanji draws from her personal experience in the industry. With questions ranging from “How do I get a sponsor” to “How do I appear in Fitness magazines”, Tanji guides you through strategic steps in promoting yourself and seeking mutually benefitting relationships.

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PreContest Workshops

Your Leader in HOW TO loves to educate and inspire people to compete. Tanji is a proud member of the NPC/IFBB and serves as a promoter and judge in addition to being a competitor. Tanji travels the country putting on extensive  PreContest workshops. These seminars are the ONE STOP shop for information on all aspects of competing.  This 4 hour event will overwhelm you in a good way as you will hear from a panel of 8-10 experts/professionals on topics ranging from suit design, tanning procedures, nutrition, training, show promotion, judging criteria, posing and much more.

These workshops are sponsored by Multiple Distributions, who gracioulsy provides each attendee with a sponsorship goodie bag filled with samples from their award-winning line. Tanji also networks to get generous prizes donated to the workshop so that every attendee walks away with a great prize, whether it be a FREE tub of protein, a gift certificate for a new suit or a FREE entry into an NPC show in the area. This workshop has become the official first step for new competitors looking to compete in the NPC.

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My Body Beats

Have you ever wondered how the Pro’s train? How fun would it be to be able to have your favorite athlete in your ear pushing you thru reps and training you? Well, thanks to MyBodyBeats you can! Downloading our workouts is the easiest step you’ll ever take to getting fit. There are no subscriptions or additional software required. Simply download workouts to your computer from the ‘My Workouts’ page, sync them with your mp3 player, rinse, and repeat.

Founded by fitness and music aficionados Cory Canty and Nikki Canty, My Body Beats has become the premier source for downloadable workouts from the world’s top professional athletes. Our pro training regimens are proven. They create discipline, motivation, and ultimately, put you in control. Each exercise is infused with the trainer’s unique personality, philosophy, and energy. In addition, a sweat-inspiring blend of music to match the cadence of the exercises provides the backdrop to the routines. Athletes of all levels will grow from this combination of pro-level training and muscle-twitching entertainment. So start downloading. And pump up your volume

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